npm opentok 2.3.0
Release v2.3.0

New archiving features:

  • Automatically archived sessions -- See the "archiveMode" option of the opentok.createSession() method.
  • Individual archiving -- See the "outputMode" option of the opentok.startArchive() method.
  • Video or Audio only archives -- See the "hasAudio" and "hasVideo" options of the opentok.startArchive() method.
  • Paused archives -- When no clients are publishing to a session being archived, its status changes to "paused". See archive.status.

Other improvements:

  • Adds support for node 0.12.x and io.js (#89, #94)
  • Uses npm package "opentok-token" as the token encoder (#92)
  • Documentation improvements
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5 years ago