npm onsenui 2.11.0

Bug Fixes

  • ons-input: Add spellcheck to list of attributes passed to inner input. (#2706).
  • ons.notification: Fix prompt callback not running when submitOnEnter is false. (#2618).
  • ons-tab: Fall back to icon if active-icon not set when updating button content. (#2720)
  • ons-fab: Stop fab scrolling with viewport when wrapped in another element. (#2778)
  • ons.notification: Resolve toast when hide is called before timeout. (#2755)
  • ons-navigator: Fix navigator still running when non-existent page is pushed. (#2740)
  • core: Fix status-bar-fill not being automatically set on iPadOS. (#2745)
  • core: Fix isIPad returning false on iPadOS. (#2621)
  • ons-carousel: Fix wrong active index being set on resize for carousels with items narrower that the screen width. (#2738)
  • ons-navigator: Fix bug where entry page data contains leave page data in postpop. (#2575)
  • ons-navigator: Fix pushPage's callback being called by popPage. (#2761)
  • ons-carousel: Fix carousel not swiping when inside modal on iOS. (#2572)


  • UIWebView is no longer supported. FastClick is also removed.
  • ons-navigator: If options are not set for popPage, it no longer defaults to the options set when the page was pushed.
latest releases: 2.11.2, 2.11.1
11 months ago