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15 days ago

3.5.1 is a patch release, with bug fixes and performance improvements.

✅ Upgrading

As usual, our recommendation for upgrading is to run:

nuxi upgrade --force

This will refresh your lockfile as well, and ensures that you pull in updates from other dependencies that Nuxt relies on, particularly in the unjs ecosystem.

👉 Changelog

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🔥 Performance

  • nuxt: Use granular watcher to avoid crawling ignored dirs (#20836)

🩹 Fixes

  • webpack: Analyze report path (#20878)
  • nuxt: Allow island renders without / route (#20894)
  • nuxt: Infer useFetch method when generic is passed (#20797)
  • nuxt: Prioritise vue app context when available (#20910)
  • nuxt: Don't refresh when hydrating when data is present (#20916)
  • nuxt: Resolve layer assets in relation to layer directory (#20932)
  • nuxt: Don't match partial component names with prefix (#20939)
  • kit: Resolve relative module paths when installing (#20896)
  • nuxt: Exclude plugin declaration from non-existent files (#20974)
  • nuxt: Use default type for initial value for composables (#20968)
  • nuxt: Skip middleware for islands components (#20924)
  • nuxt: Use resolvePath to handle edge cases for modules (#20975)

📖 Documentation

  • Fix defaults in custom fetch example (#20898)
  • Fix typo (#20907)
  • Add pnpm test command to run whole test suite (4907660ff)
  • Remove warning around experimental.renderJsonPayloads (891ba880e)
  • Add example of 'alphabetical' plugin numbering (#20930)
  • rendering: Improve rendering modes section (244c68108)
  • rendering: Lint fix (ef8b5b593)
  • Sync useAsyncData and useFetch types (#20935)
  • Update static to isr (#20964)
  • Add advanced usage example of useState (#20249)
  • Add link to layers from pages/ docs (#20976)

🏡 Chore

  • Rename script test for fixtures:payload (#20908)
  • Pass ref to checkout (58ed8ec34)
  • Remove outdated todo comment (b2a769a86)

🤖 CI

❤️ Contributors

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