npm node-red-contrib-moment 4.0.0
v4.0.0 - Dependency update, output settings, bug fix

latest release: 5.0.0
3 years ago
  • BREAKING CHANGE Updated dependencies mean that minimum Node.js version is now v10 (previously v8). Minimum Node-RED version is now v1.0 (prevously v0.13)
  • Update dependencies
  • Move change log to separate file from readme.
  • Contributed changes, see Issue #34:
    • Explanation extended, examples added
    • Testing flows moved from subdir examples\ to subdir testing\
    • .html help extended
  • Prep for Node-RED v1.
  • Workaround for upstream parseFormat bug, see Issue #24. If input is an ISO date string with seconds >3dp, the input is trimmed to 3dp seconds.
  • Added msg.settings to output msg. Shows the settings/parameters used. Allows for further processing or validation if needed.
  • Added ability to override input and output Timezone settings from an incoming msg object. The appropriate setting must be empty and the properties to use are msg.inTz and msg.outTz. Resolves Issue #31.
  • Bug fix, locale now correctly defaults to host locale if not provided.

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