npm nock 13.0.0

See the Migration Guide

Breaking changes

  1. Scope.log has been removed. Use the debug library when debugging failed matches.

  2. socketDelay has been removed. Use delayConnection instead.

  3. delay, delayConnection, and delayBody are now setters instead of additive.

  4. When recording, skipping body matching using * is no longer supported by nock.define.
    Set the definition body to undefined instead.

  5. ClientRequest.abort() has been updated to align with Node's native behavior.
    This could be considered a feature, however, it created some subtle differences that are not backwards compatible. Refer to the migration guide for details.

  6. Playback of a mocked responses will now never happen until the 'socket' event is emitted.

latest releases: 13.0.4, 13.0.3, 13.0.2...
3 months ago