npm nhsuk-frontend 7.0.0-alpha.2

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23 months ago

7.0.0.alpha.2 - 3 Aug 2022

🆕 New features

  • Added Character Count component, ported from govuk-frontend (PR 811)
  • Added Tabs component, ported from govuk-frontend (PR 828)

🔧 Maintenance

  • Removes support for LibSass and Ruby Sass in favour of Dart Sass
  • Upgrade all dependencies to their latest versions where possible
  • Pinned the Node version to the latest LTS version at the time of publishing (16.16.0). In environments where Volta is installed the appropriate version will be used
  • Updates code formatting conventions to fall mostly in line with Prettier's recommendations. Have an opinion? Share it! Details of the implementation and how it effects ESlint can be found on the PR.

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