npm nhsuk-frontend 6.2.0

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18 months ago

6.2.0 - 17 January 2023

🆕 New features

  • Button improvements

    • Add role="button" attribute to links visually styled as buttons (<a class="nhsuk-button" role="button">) and bind a spacebar keydown listener to these elements so that they behave like buttons.
    • Add optional data-prevent-double-click="true" attribute to buttons to trigger simple "debounce" behaviour to buttons to catch double clicks and prevent double submissions.
    • Add data-module="nhsuk-button" to buttons in order to trigger the above JS behaviours (it is recommended that you do this)
  • Allow back-link component to be a button element (PR 838)

🔧 Fixes

  • Fix issue with VoiceOver on Safari (iOS and macOS) not announcing a list as a list. This affects some components that have a list with style list-style-type: none, ie those that have a class of nhsuk-list on the <ul>. This fixes the do/don't list and the error summary components. The contents list and pagination components don't seem to be affected.

  • Fix issue of checkbox label being unintentionally full width of the screen due to ordering of css files (Issue 842)

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