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Nativefier v8.0.0

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4 years ago

⚠ Installing Nativefier 8.0.{0,1,2,3} breaks if sudo-installing globally to a non-user-writable path (see #923). Please avoid these releases and use Nativefier ≥ 8.0.4.

Breaking changes

  • Require Node >= 8.10.0 and npm >= 5.6.0
  • Default to Electron 8.1.1, and discourage < 8.
  • That's it. Lots of care went into minimizing CLI & programmatic
    behavior changes. Please report regressions.
  • Known issue: build may fail behind a proxy. Get in touch if you use one:
    #907 (comment)

Changes summary

Nativefier didn't get much love recently, to the point that it's
becoming hard to run on recent Node, due to old dependencies.
Also, some past practices now seem weird, as better expressible
by modern JS/TS, discouraging contributions including mine.

Addressing this, and one thing leading to another, came a
bigger-than-expected revamp, aiming at making Nativefier more
lean, stable, future-proof, user-friendly and dev-friendly,
while not changing the CLI/programmatic interfaces. Highlights:

  • Require Node>=8, as imposed by many of our dependencies. Node 8
    is twice LTS, and easily available even in conservative Linux distros.
    No reason not to demand it.
  • Default to Electron 8.
  • Bump all dependencies to latest version, including electron-packager.
  • Move to TS. TS is great. As of today, I see no reason not to use it,
    and fight interface bugs at runtime rather than at compile time.
    With that, get rid of everything Babel/Webpack.
  • Move away from Gulp. Gulp's selling point is perf via streaming,
    but for small builds like Nativefier, npm tasks are plenty good
    and less dependency bloat. Gulp was the driver for this PR: broken
    on Node 12, and I didn't feel like just upgrading and keeping it.
  • Add tons of verbose logs everywhere it makes sense, to have a
    fine & clear trace of the program flow. This will be helpful to
    debug user-reported issues, and already helped me fix a few bugs.
    • With better simple logging, get rid of the quirky and buggy
      progress bar based on package progress. Nice logging (minimal
      by default, the verbose logging mentioned above is only used
      when passing --verbose) is better and one less dependency.
  • Dump async package, a relic from old callback-hell early Node.
    Also dump a few other micro-packages unnecessary now.
  • A first pass of code cleanup thanks to modern JS/TS features:
    fixes, simplifications, jsdoc type annotations to types, etc.
  • Remove GitHub integrations Hound & CodeClimate, which are more
    exotic than good'ol'linters, and whose signal-to-noise ratio is too low.
  • Quality: Add tests and add Windows + macOS CI builds.
    Also, add a manual test script, helping to quickly verify the
    hard-to-programatically-test stuff before releases, and limit regressions.
  • Fix a very small number of existing bugs. The goal of this PR was
    not to fix bugs, but to get Nativefier in better shape to do so.
    Bugfixes will come later. Still, these got addressed:
    • Add common Alt+Left/Right for previous/next navigation.
    • Improve #379: fix zoom with Ctrl + numpad +/-
    • Fix pinch-to-zoom (see #379 (comment) )

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