npm nativefier 7.1.0
Nativefier v7.1.0

latest releases: 47.2.0, 47.1.3, 47.1.1...
7 years ago
  • Feature: Add "Copy link location" context menu (#230)
  • Feature: Add --internal-urls <regex> option to customize what should open in external browser (#230)
  • Feature: Add --zoom option for setting default zoom (#218)
  • Bug: Fix context menu actions broken on elements containing nested markup (#263)
  • Bug: Fix counter notifications (#256)
  • Bug: Remove non-ascii characters or use default for app name (#217)
  • Doc: various fixes, including clarifying optional OSX dependencies for generating icons
  • CI: Fix Travis tests which require wine
  • Dev: Add editorconfig to trim trailing whitespace

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