npm nativefier 47.1.3
Nativefier v47.1.3

22 days ago
  • Auto-internal URLs: add VMWare Workspace ONE + SecurID (PR #1391, fix #1390)
  • --counter: accept colon character; useful for time-tracking apps with hour:min in title (PR #1378)
  • Windows: correctly set notifications name - not (PR #1394)
  • macOS: support "universal" architecture (fix #1384 #1398, PR #1386)
  • macOS: fix "Open In New Tab" (fix #1260, PR #1385)
  • macOS: Change "Paste and Match Style" shortcut to match Apple's HIG guidelines (PR #1387, fix #404)
  • macOS: Bump minimum macOS version from 10.9 to 10.10 (see #1404)
    This has been effectively been the case since a long time, it was just misdocumented.
    Thus, not really a breaking change, and not major-bumping.
  • add a new "General recipes" section, with one to restore app position/size (PR #1349)
  • CI: Add integration testing to the app, using Playwright (PR #1397)
  • CI: Speed it up by parallelize tasks
  • CI: Bump max tested version of Node for CI/Publish from 17 to 18
  • Update dependencies
  • Bump default Electron to 18.2.0 (from 18.0.3), with security fixes:

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