npm nativefier 44.0.0
Nativefier v44.0.0

latest releases: 47.2.0, 47.1.3, 47.1.1...
3 years ago
  • [BREAKING] Nativefier now requires node>=12.9 and npm>=6.9 (#1192)
    We do our best to support the oldest Node we can (what Debian stable ships),
    but we are also constrained by what our own Node dependencies require.
    Now is the time for a bump.
  • Feature: Provide easy-to-use user-agent shortcodes (e.g. firefox) (#1198)
  • Feature: Organize CLI flags into groups (for better --help usability) (#1191)
  • Fix broken window popups (fix #1197, PR #1203)
  • Fix allowing non-ascii app names like 微信读书 (fix #1056, PR #1207)
  • Fix considering as internal login page (#1205)
  • Bump default Electron from 12.0.7 to 12.0.10 with a couple of fixes. See changelogs for:
  • Maintenance: docs, tests tooling, deps bumps

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