npm nativefier 43.1.3
Nativefier v43.1.3

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3 years ago

👋 dear users. Two announcements in this release:

This release (43.1.3) is the last release supporting Node 10.x
We do our best to support the oldest Node we can (what Debian stable ships),
but we are also constrained by what our own Node dependencies require.
It's time for a bump; the next release will be 44.0.0 and will require Node 12.

Also, introducing,
a list of build commands contributed by the Nativefier community, to help you
nativefy "complicated" apps that need a bit of elbow grease to work.
When stuck nativefying a specific site, go take a look, it might give you ideas :) .

  • Fix crash on tab close (only try to inject CSS for valid web requests) (#939, PR #1181)
  • Fix considering and as internal (PR #1171)
  • build command library (fix #1166) (PR #1178)
  • Bump default Electron to 12.0.7

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