npm nativefier 43.1.0
Nativefier v43.1.0

latest releases: 47.2.0, 47.1.3, 47.1.1...
3 years ago

This is a chunky release! Warm thanks to all the contributors that helped shape it,
with a special shoutout to @TheCleric for a mountain of awesome work.

There are no breaking changes.



  • App: fix child windows not inheriting mainWindow properties (including userAgent), breaking some Google login pages (#1174)
  • Fix --injecting multiple css/js files (fix #458) (#1162)
  • Fix --widevine by properly listening to widevine-... events (fix #1153) (PR #1164)
  • Prompt to confirm when page is attempting to prevent unload (#1163)
  • macOS: Fix crash when using --tray (fix #527) (PR #1156)
  • macOS: Fix invisible icon (fix #942, fix #668) (PR #1156)
  • Auto-internal login pages: add a missing Google login page (#1167)


  • Bump to Electron 12.0.6 with Chrome 89.0.4389.128 and security fixes
  • Docs: add troubleshooting section for common issues (#1169), document signing --widevine apps like HBO Max & Udemy (#1147), misc fixes
  • App: replace calls with, with a level controlled by app argv --verbose (#1172)
  • Auto-internal login pages: add test to ensure we don't regress on cases of SLDs
  • CI: run in node 16, drop node 15. Run less node versions for faster CI; oldest supported / latest is enough

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