npm nativefier 43.0.0
Nativefier v43.0.0

latest releases: 47.2.0, 47.1.3, 47.1.1...
3 years ago
  • [BREAKING] Bump to Electron 12.0.1 with Chrome 89.0.4389.82
    Noteworthy to Nativefier users:

    • As usual, new Chrome, with potential improvements/regressions to websites you use
    • [deprecated and to be fully removed in a future release of Nativefier] Removed Flash support. If you still need flash, pass a <12 version to the -e flag. Note this will not work forever, our --flash flag is going to die at some point in the future. See doc in / flash and start looking at alternatives / emulators like Ruffle.
    • Removed support for older x86 CPUs that do not have SSE3
  • [BREAKING] (ish) Automatically consider known login pages as internal (fix #706) (PR #1124)
    URLs for known login pages (e.g. or
    are now automatically considered internal, to let you login in your
    Nativefier app without having to fiddle with --internal-urls.

    This does not replace internal-urls, it complements it, and happens
    before your internal-urls rule is applied. So, if you already set
    internal-urls to let such auth pages open internally, feel free to
    clean it up, but it's not necessary. Our list of login pages to consider
    internal lives at app/src/helpers/helpers.ts

    We think this is desirable behavior and are so far unaware of cases where
    users might not want this, so we haven't provided a flag to disable it.
    If you disagree, please chime in at
    PR #1124: App: Automatically consider known login pages as internal

  • Various maintenance fixes: deps, scripts, slim down Docker size

Special thanks to @TheCleric for all the work during this release 🙂

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