npm nativefier 42.4.0
Nativefier v42.4.0

latest releases: 47.2.0, 47.1.3, 47.1.1...
3 years ago
  • macOS: Prompt for accessibility permissions if needed by Global Shortcuts using Media Keys (fix #1120, PR #1121)
  • Icon conversion: support GraphicsMagick in addition to ImageMagick (PR #1002)
  • Docker: fix Windows builds, line endings, switch to Alpine (fix #997, PR #1122)
  • Fix considering "same domain-ish" URLs as internal (PR #1126)
    This was a regression introduced in 42.3.0 by dropping wurl in 6b266b7.
    The new behavior is super close to 42.2.1. So, not considering it breaking.
  • Various maintenance fixes: tooling, deps, CI

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