npm nativefier 42.0.0
Nativefier v42.0.0

latest releases: 47.2.0, 47.1.3, 47.1.1...
3 years ago

EDIT: 42.0.0 is badly broken, please do not use this release!

This release includes several contributor patches. Thanks @sorhtyre @mattruzzi !

  • [BREAKING CHANGE] Warn on old Electron/Chrome (fix #556) (PR #1076)
    ⚠️ Users packaging kiosk apps running unattended on internal websites,
    see doc for flag --disable-old-build-warning-yesiknowitisinsecure
  • Check for improperly-formatted arguments (fix #885) (PR #1080)
  • Correctly start in tray when both --maximize and --tray start-in-tray are passed (fix #1015) (PR #1079)
  • Fix icon path error when passing asar --conceal flag (fix #975) (PR #1074)
  • Migrate CI from Travis to GitHub Actions
  • Bump default Electron from 11.0.2, to 11.0.3, bump eslint-config-prettier to 7.x

Also, bumping npm version to something far away from current Electron version.

Rationale for the nonsensical major version bump: around Nativefier 8.x,
versions of Nativefier and Electron aligned, by release schedule coincidence.
Since Nativefier has little breaking changes, it was great: as Electron
releases are breaking, Nativefier had no breaking changes, I bumped our
major version on new major Electron, and everything was good.

Except now, as I have a breaking change, which would bump Nativefier to
12.x, being annoyingly confusing since we'd still default to Electron 11 :-/ .

→ To keep respecting semver and reduce confusion, bumping Nativefier
version to something far ahead of Electron versions. No it doesn't
matter, version number are meaningless anyway (well, outside of
semver, whose respect is precisely the point here).

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