npm mustache 2.1.1


  • State that we use semver on the change log, by @dasilvacontin.
  • Added version links to change log, by @dasilvacontin.


  • Bugfix for using values from view's context prototype, by @phillipj.
  • Improve test with undefined/null lookup hit using dot notation, by @dasilvacontin.
  • Bugfix for null/undefined lookup hit when using dot notation, by @phillipj.
  • Remove moot version property from bower.json, by @kkirsche.
  • bower.json doesn't require a version bump via hook, by @dasilvacontin.

Thanks to our awesome contributors! :)

latest releases: 4.2.0, 4.2.0-beta.0, 4.1.1-beta.0...
6 years ago