npm lerna 3.5.0

Bug Fixes

  • conventional-commits: Bump minimum dependency ranges for node v11 compat (76fad65)
  • project: Update yarn workspaces error prompt link (#1756) (d6e6a42)
  • publish: Ignore non-release tags when detecting from-git (#1782) (3cb7465)
  • version: Add friendly error message when remote branch doesn't exist (#1741) (cd34b48)
  • version: Don't version private packages lacking a version field (#1654) (578bb19)


  • publish: Add option --no-git-reset to leave unstaged changes in working tree (#1791) (eae5619)
  • run: Log package name and timing in runScriptInPackageCapturing (#1781) (b69a728)
  • version: Add --include-merged-tags option (#1712) (7ee05d7)
latest releases: 4.0.0, 3.22.1, 3.22.0...
2 years ago