npm leaflet 1.9.4

22 days ago

🐞 Bug fixes

  • Fix tile gaps in Chromium-based browsers (#8891 by @IvanSanchez)
  • Fix vector drifts when zoomAnimation is false and zooming via flyTo or pinch (#8794 by @plainheart)
  • Ensure toGeoJSON() still works with an empty array (#8737 by @Falke-Design)
  • Ensure LineUtil and PolyUtil only iterate over array values and not properties (#8840 by @Falke-Design)
  • Fix rounding errors in center calculation of LineUtil and PolyUtil for small layers (#8784 by @Falke-Design)
  • Prevent unwanted layer toggle while expanding the Layers control on mobile (#8910 by @Falke-Design)
  • Fix an error when a focusing on a Tooltip-bound FeatureGroup that contains a layer without a getElement method (#8890 by @Falke-Design)
  • Fix Tooltip is not showing when loaded dynamically while moving the map (#8672 by @theGOTOguy)
  • Fix noMoveStart option not applying to fitBounds (#8911 by @AbdullahSohail-SE)
  • Fix outlines showing up when interacting with the map on Safari 16.4+ (#8917 by @jonkoops)

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