npm immer 3.0.0

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4 years ago

3.0.0 (2019-04-17)

Bug Fixes

  • ts: Immutable / read-only arrays in TS 3.4+ (2c27133)


  • ts: improve curried producers (3cb0fb3)
  • ts: Improve type inference based on the first arg of the recipe function (acf8a57)
  • ts: Support typescript 3.4 (2868065)
  • Immer now has it's own Github org, immerjs (17d69c3)


  • ts: typescript@3.4.0 is now the minimum required version
  • this in recipe is no longer the draft, but unbound (3f40298)
  • Dropped node 6 support (eecc773)

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