npm homebridge-config-ui-x 4.56.0

latest releases: 4.56.2-beta.37, 4.56.2-alpha.29, 4.56.2-beta.36...
20 days ago

UI Changes

  • improve power options button display (#1961) (@mkz212)
  • update credits modal with supporters
  • add warning to remove-single-cached-accessory (#1985) (@mkz212)
  • refactor backup and restore modals, separate items on settings page
  • standardise modal sizes
  • standardise warning sections on settings modals
  • minor adjustments to settings page
  • update icons on settings page (#1990) (@mkz212)
  • break-word in plugin config (#1993) (@mkz212)
  • Fix crash with missing homepage package.json property (#2013) (@regaw-leinad)
  • improve ui of settings page (#2016) (@mkz212)
  • improve ui of settings page (#2026) (@mkz212)
  • remove mdns interface tooltips
  • network interface widget: custom interface
  • fix status widget graphs
  • add 'report an issue' link to plugin menu
  • configurable action button class on confirm component
  • refactor widget settings view with styled checkboxes
  • refactor accessory info view with styled checkboxes
  • remove NPM/GitHub icons from plugin modals
  • refactor user add/edit with styled checkboxes
  • hide plugin logs menu item when plugin is disabled
  • refactor add room button and modal

Translation Changes

Other Changes

  • improve GitHub actions
  • fixed Environment Info selection on bug and support templates
  • add wiki change request issue template
  • removed force of earlier version of bonjour-service as a fix has been implemented in latest version
  • updated release drafter template so releases do not start with a v
  • updated special plugin lists
  • check local dir for homebridge when running dev
  • dependency updates
  • update @homebridge/ dependencies
  • standardise CHANGELOG to same as homebridge
  • standardise README to same as other hb repos

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