npm google-spreadsheet 4.0.3
Release 4.0.3

latest releases: 4.1.2, 4.1.1, 4.1.0...
8 months ago
  • fix: handle trimming null/undefined header values (3ef8fcf)
  • docs(small updates): fixed a few small grammar issues and copied readme to docs index (867bb63)
  • Merge pull request #637 from Kikobeats/patch-1 (af0af4d)
  • docs: get/set are sync methods (233ca2c)
  • docs: docs cleanup and improvements (882bd73)
  • build: call build in release task (c306dc0)
  • Merge pull request #633 from igormartimiano/patch-1 (9646805)
  • docs( fix wrong import (0535a26)

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