npm firebase-tools 12.2.0

latest releases: 12.3.0, 12.2.1
12 days ago
  • Update error message when function deploy fails due to quota. (#5867)
  • Fixes RTDB emulator namespace resolution bug. (#5863)
  • Improves RTDB emulator to GCF emulator network reliability. (#5863)
  • Allow for Angular developers to both target a PWA and leverage serveOptimizedImages. (#5716)
  • Multi-page applications that are fully staticly rendered are no longer treated as PWAs. (#5716)
  • Add fast dev-mode support for devlopers using Nuxt v2. (#5716)
  • Respect ssr: false and baseURL when using Nuxt. (#5716)
  • Fix bug where JS SDK auto-init was not working for Vite while in dev-mode (#5610).
  • Respect FIREBASE_FRAMEWORKS_BUILD_TARGET environment variable to override the default build target (#5572).
  • Improves cleanup process when reloading emulated functions in debug mode. (#5878)
  • Allow Web Frameworks to target NodeJS v20. (#5879)

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