npm create-react-app 3.4.0

3.4.0 (2020-02-14)

v3.4.0 is a minor release that adds new features, including support for SSL and setting PUBLIC_URL in development. It also includes a fix for Hot Module Reloading with CSS Modules as well as other bug fixes.

🐛 Bug Fix

  • react-scripts
    • #8378 Downgrade style-loader to v0.23.1 due to CSS modules hot reload not working with v1.0.0 and above (@chybisov)
  • create-react-app, react-dev-utils, react-error-overlay
  • react-dev-utils
  • cra-template-typescript, cra-template
  • cra-template-typescript

💅 Enhancement

  • react-dev-utils, react-scripts
  • cra-template-typescript
  • cra-template-typescript, cra-template
  • react-scripts
    • #5845 Add option to provide custom ssl certificates during development (@alexbrazier)

📝 Documentation

  • cra-template-typescript, cra-template, react-dev-utils, react-error-overlay, react-scripts
  • Other

🔨 Underlying Tools

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Migrating from 3.3.1 to 3.4.0

Inside any created project that has not been ejected, run:

npm install --save --save-exact react-scripts@3.4.0


yarn add --exact react-scripts@3.4.0
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