npm axe-core 4.7.2
Release 4.7.2

latest releases: 4.7.2-canary.0e73be0, 4.7.2-canary.6850af8
12 days ago

This release corrects the Trusted Tester v5 tags, which were introduced in 4.7.0, and it addresses a few false positives which for pages with forms may result in a few less issues found.

Bug Fixes

  • aria-allowed-attr: Add aria-required to switch role (#4029) (cb51be4), closes #4027
  • aria-allowed-attr: allow aria-required on role=slider (#4035) (bb2bf60)
  • aria-required-children: set related nodes for invalid children (#4033) (377f72b)
  • tags: Add / correct several TTv5 tags (#4031) (25859dd)

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