npm autonumeric 4.8.3

latest releases: 4.10.5, 4.10.4, 4.10.3...
14 months ago
  • Fixes #718 When emptyInputBehavior is set to null, then getNumber() returns 0 when no value has been set before
  • Updates the yarn clean:log command to clean the logs from the newer version
  • Fixes #765 change event is not triggered when dragging value into a text input
    Now, dropping a valid value into an AutoNumeric element, will trigger a change event if said value is different from the one already in the element
  • Fixes PR #731 by avoiding "Forced reflow" when calling the _historyTableAdd() function


  • When emptyInputBehavior is set to null and no default or intial value is passed during initialization, then getNumber() will now return null instead of 0 like before.

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