npm autonumeric 4.8.1

latest releases: 4.10.5, 4.10.4, 4.10.3...
16 months ago
  • Adds #709 Feature request: Disallow toggling the negative/positive sign with '+' and '-' keypress
    • This adds a new option negativePositiveSignBehavior for the managing the '-' and '+' key behavior
    • Setting negativePositiveSignBehavior to true will allow the toggling, while setting it to false will disable it; this means that when hitting the '-' key, the value will always be set to its negative value, and hitting the '+' key will always set the element to its positive value (given the minimum and maximum value allows this)
  • Updates the existing end-to-end tests that relied on the toggle behavior
  • Fixes the incorrect error message when setting an invalid positiveSignCharacter option
  • Attempts to fix the 'node: 18' error from Travis CI
  • Fixes #763 Copyright banner in the minimized distribution file is undefined
  • Removes unused wdio script from package.json


  • By default the - and + key will not toggle the negative/positive state of an AutoNumeric element anymore.
  • The default behavior has changed in this version, where toggling between the positive and negative value with the '-' or '+' keys is not activated, instead - will try to set the value negative, and + will try to make it positive (this can fail if the resulting value is out of bounds).
  • If you want to use the previous behavior, please set negativePositiveSignBehavior: AutoNumeric.options.negativePositiveSignBehavior.toggle in your options' configuration.

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