npm @vue/cli-service 4.5.8

latest releases: 4.5.17, 5.0.4, 4.5.16...
19 months ago

This version has updated the TypeScript shim for Vue 3.
If you encounter any typing issue when using vue v3.0.1 and @vue/test-utils, please update your src/shims-vue.d.ts file according to

🐛 Bug Fix

  • @vue/cli-plugin-typescript
  • @vue/cli
    • #5961 fix: npm 7 compat by turning on legacy-peer-deps flag (@sodatea)
  • @vue/cli-plugin-eslint
    • #5962 fix: narrow the eslint peer dep version range, avoiding npm 7 error (@sodatea)

Committers: 2

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