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If you are working on a Vue 3 project, this version of Vue CLI comes with the latest beta version of vue-loader, which enables support for the experimental <script setup> syntax.

  <button @click="inc">{{ count }}</button>

<script setup>
import { ref } from 'vue'

export const count = ref(0)
export const inc = () => count.value++

If you encounter any bug when trying out this new feature, please raise an issue in the vue-loader repository.

Known Issues

The two new features currently do not work well with thread-loader. In Vue CLI, you need to set parallel: false for them to work correctly.

🐛 Bug Fix

  • @vue/cli-service
    • #5868 fix: enable some syntax extensions by default for vue script compiler (@sodatea)
  • @vue/cli-plugin-router, @vue/cli-service
    • #5852 fix: fix duplicate id="app" in Vue 3 project template (@sodatea)
  • @vue/cli-plugin-unit-jest, @vue/cli-plugin-unit-mocha
    • #5591 fix(unit-jest, unit-mocha): generate passing tests when bare option is used with router enabled (#3544) (@IwalkAlone)
  • @vue/cli-plugin-pwa
  • @vue/cli
    • #5827 fix: fix support for Node.js v8 and deprecate it (@sodatea)
    • #5823 Handle GPG sign git config for initial commit (@spenserblack)
    • #5808 fix: strip non-ansi characters from registry config (@sodatea)
    • #5801 fix: do not throw when api.render is called from an anonymous function (@sodatea)

🏠 Internal

  • @vue/cli-ui
    • #3687 perf(ui): improve get folder list to use Promises instead of sync (@pikax)

🔨 Underlying Tools

  • @vue/babel-preset-app
    • #5831 chore: rename jsx package scope from ant-design-vue to vue (@Amour1688)

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