npm @vue/cli-plugin-e2e-nightwatch 3.2.0

latest releases: 5.0.8, 5.0.7, 4.5.19...
5 years ago

New Release Strategy

  • All plugin minors will be in sync (v3.2.x for now)
  • Patches are release on demand for each package
  • eslint-config-* packages will have their own release cycle

New Features

  • babel-preset-app: add decoratorsBeforeExport option (bfb78a9), closes #2974
  • cli-plugin-typescript: respect excluded globs in tslint (#2961) (af4e498)
  • cli-service: add support for loading WebAssembly and ES Modules (#2819) (2db8d18)
  • cli-ui: plugin: quick local plugin refresh (91a4b2e)
  • cli-ui: status bar: last log animation (ebc0ea2)

Other bugfixes can be found in

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