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4 years ago

Regarding recent patch releases of Vue CLI v4, we are not fixing bugs in v4 itself, but for v3 compatibility actually (to be more specific, for the vue add router and vue add vuex commands in the older CLI versions, user projects are not likely affected). We still recommend all users to upgrade to v4 early.

This is because we've made a mistake in implementing the version check mechanism of core plugins in v3. As we expect to bring users the latest and best practices for their projects, we always use the latest versions of the core plugins for scaffolding. This, however, became a burden when we bump the major versions. During the RC phase, the version check logic wasn't triggered, thus we failed to spot this problem early enough.

Luckily, few breaking changes have been made in v4 regarding the scaffolding part, so most users are not affected.
The main issues are due to the changed locations of router and vuex templates. But as the usage varies (scaffolding via Vue CLI UI / command line; calling CLI v4 in v3 projects; calling CLI v3 in v4 projects, etc.), it took us several patches to fully address these issues. We are now also releasing this patch version in v3 so that users who are not confident enough to upgrade their workflow to v4 can have a more backward-compatible CLI to use.

🐛 Bug Fix

  • @vue/cli
    • #4712 fix(v3): do not install core plugins that have major version bumps (@sodatea)

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