npm @twind/preset-tailwind 1.0.0-next.38

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2 years ago

All packages have been update to 1.0.0-next.38


Patch Changes

  • fix: replace escaped quotes within class names during SSR (b212b52f)

  • Rewrites HTML entity & when self-referenced groups are used with (p)react (782f93df) 🙏🏽 @rschristian!

  • feat: preserve classes created by explicit tw calls during SSR (fe88051d)

    Previously inline and extract cleared the tw instance before parsing the html assuming that all classes are available via class attributes. That led to missing styles from injectGlobal or explicit tw calls.

    This change introduces a snaphot method on tw and sheet instances which allows to preserve the classes that are created by explicit tw calls.

    Default Mode (nothing changed here)

    import { inline } from 'twind'
    function render() {
      return inline(renderApp())

    Library Mode

    import { tw, stringify } from 'twind'
    function render() {
      // remember global classes
      const restore = tw.snapshot()
      // generated html
      const html = renderApp()
      // create CSS
      const css = stringify(
      // restore global classes
      // inject as last element into the head
      return html.replace('</head>', `<style data-twind>${css}</style></head>`)
  • fix: gradients with arbitrary color stop positions (#296) (77954405)


Patch Changes

  • any variant with an ampersand (&) will be treated as selector and each underscore (_) will be replace by a space (`) ([811965f`](811965f))

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