npm @trpc/client 9.26.2

latest releases: 11.0.0-rc.403, 11.0.0-alpha-tmp-app-router-example.388, 11.0.0-alpha-tmp-app-router-example.387...
23 months ago

What's Changed

  • Lock @trpc/react to react-query 3 by @KATT in #2245

@trpc/react has an updated peer dependency: react-query ^3.37.0 rather than ^3.37.0 || ^4.0.0-alpha.4"

This is because react-query 4 is introducing a series of breaking changes that can't be addressed in a cross-compatible way.

We will likely to a light breaking change to the ^9.x.x-series (the first ever) in order to have support for react-query 4. - See discussion in #2243

Full Changelog: v9.26.1...v9.26.2

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