npm @trpc/client 10.45.0

latest releases: 11.0.0-rc.421, 11.0.0-rc.419, 11.0.0-rc.417...
5 months ago

What's Changed

  • chore(next/app-dir): make a union of nextHttpLink options by @KATT in #5173
  • chore: bump typescript and fix TS errors by @KATT in #5178
  • fix(server + client): add noImplicitOverride & add explicit overrides in TRPCError / TRPCClientError by @me-imfhd in #5195
  • fix(next): rm react-ssr-prepass dependency by @KATT in #5201
  • feat(next): exclude non-ssr queries from the hydrated state by @jonluca in #5135
  • fix(server+client): Incorrect serialization of IndexSignature and Record by @microdev1 in #5211
  • feat(server): deprecate .createCaller() in favor of t.createCallerFactory() by @KATT in #5213

New Contributors

Full Changelog: v10.44.1...v10.45.0

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