npm @trpc/client 10.21.0

latest releases: 11.0.0-alpha-tmp-app-router-example.388, 11.0.0-alpha-tmp-app-router-example.387, 11.0.0-rc.402...
13 months ago

What's Changed

  • fix(server): undefined stripped from query result by @juliusmarminge in #4187
  • perf(server): Overwrite util type is unnecessarily expensive by @mozzius in #4204
  • feat(server): retain Error.cause even if the original cause isn't an Error-instance by @KATT in #4219
  • fix(react): use ref to ensure opts stay sync'd with subscription by @KATT in #4222

New Contributors

Full Changelog: v10.20.0...v10.21.0

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