npm @storybook/vue3-vite 7.1.0-alpha.21

latest releases: 7.1.0-alpha.29, 7.1.0-alpha.28, 7.1.0-alpha.27...
14 days ago


  • Webpack: Add option to use swc instead of babel #22075

Bug Fixes

  • UI: Fix .mp3 support for builder-manager #22699
  • CLI: Fix support for BROWSER env var #21473
  • Vite: Fix missing @storybook/global dependency #22700
  • Next.js: Fix compatibility with Next 13.4.3 #22697
  • CLI: Fix error parsing on NPM proxy #22690
  • Core: Only connect to serverChannel in development mode #22575
  • CLI: Improve error handling when dealing with angular.json files #22663
  • CLI: Skip prompting for eslint plugin with --yes flag #22651
  • CLI: Fix upgrade to not upgrade nx packages #22419
  • CLI: Only handle CTRL + C on init event #22687
  • Angular: Remove console.log #22671

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