npm @storybook/addon-knobs 5.2.0-beta.6

Breaking Changes

It is now recommended to only use ONE load call in your app and it will warn you if you call it more than once. The examples and docs have been updated to reflect this. Technically this is not a breaking change since the old API is supported, but it's a change in usage from previous versions.


  • Core: Top-level components in MDX/Module formats (#7524)
  • Core: Module format load accept loader function (#7518)

Bug Fixes

  • Addon-centered: Fix component disappearing on zoom (#7400)


  • Addon-knobs: enable Typescript strict flag (#7515)
latest releases: 6.1.0-alpha.16, 6.1.0-alpha.15, 6.1.0-alpha.14...
2 years ago