npm @storybook/addon-knobs 5.0.0-alpha.7

Breaking Changes

  • Addon-centered: Add special entry-points for Vue and React (#5296)


  • CLI: new add command (#4236)
  • UI: set the document title when navigating stories (#5277)

Bug Fixes

  • Addon-a11y: RE-ADD deprecated 'configureA11Y' for backwards compatibility (#5302)
  • UI: FIX navgition issue for file:// URLs (#5295)
  • UI: FIX merge mutation (#5300)
  • Core: FIX issue where webpack process would hang when manager build failed (#5290)
latest releases: 6.1.0-alpha.16, 6.1.0-alpha.15, 6.1.0-alpha.14...
2 years ago