npm @storybook/addon-knobs 4.1.0

Storybook 4.1 with performance and compatibility improvements! Highlights include:

  • Core: Performance optimizations on separate manager preview split, improved cold start, restart & rebuild (#4834)
  • React: add support for all versions of react (#4808)
  • Addon-CSSResources: new adddon to dynamically add/remove css (#4622)
  • React: use babel presets/plugins based on CRA. (#4836)
  • React-native: Add ability to filter story list (#4806)
  • React: Add TypeScript support for react-scripts (#4824)

There are dozens more fixes, features, and tweaks in the 4.1 release. See changelogs for 4.1.0-* for details.

latest releases: 6.1.0-alpha.16, 6.1.0-alpha.15, 6.1.0-alpha.14...
2 years ago