npm @sentry/tracing 7.62.0

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11 months ago

Important Changes

  • feat(integrations): Add ContextLines integration for html-embedded JS stack frames (#8699)

This release adds the ContextLines integration as an optional integration for the Browser SDKs to @sentry/integrations.

This integration adds source code from inline JavaScript of the current page's HTML (e.g. JS in <script> tags) to stack traces of captured errors.
It can't collect source code from assets referenced by your HTML (e.g. <script src="..." />).

The ContextLines integration is useful when you have inline JS code in HTML pages that can't be accessed by Sentry's backend, for example, due to a login-protected page.

import { ContextLines } from "@sentry/integrations";

  // ...
  integrations: [
    new ContextLines({
      // The number of lines to collect before and after each stack frame's line number
      // Defaults to 7
      frameContextLines: 7,

Other Changes

  • fix(nextjs): Make all wrappers isomorphic and available in all runtimes (#8743)
  • fix(replay): Cancel debounce when replay is too short/long (#8742)
  • fix(utils): dirname and basename should handle Windows paths (#8737)
  • ref: Hoist flush, close, and lastEventId into @sentry/core (#8731)
  • ref(node): Don't call JSON.stringify on prisma client when logging (#8745)

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