npm @sentry/tracing 7.6.0

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2 years ago

This release adds the source field to all outgoing transactions.
See the tracking GH issue for more details.

This release also re-enables lambda layer releases for the Node Serverless SDK.

  • ref(angular): Add transaction source for Angular Router (#5382)
  • ref(build): Reenable lambda layer release in craft (#5207)
  • feat(nextjs): Record transaction name source when creating transactions (#5391)
  • ref(react): Add source to react-router-v3 (#5377)
  • ref(react): Add transaction source for react router v4/v5 (#5384)
  • ref(react): Add transaction source for react router v6 (#5385)
  • feat(remix): Wrap root with ErrorBoundary (#5365)
  • fix(remix): Move hook checks inside the wrapper component (#5371)
  • fix(remix): Strip query params from transaction names (#5368)
  • fix(remix): Make peer deps less restrictive (#5369)
  • fix(remix): Wrap handleDocumentRequest functions (#5387)
  • ref(serverless): Add transaction source (#5394)
  • feat(tracing): Add transaction source field (#5367)
  • feat(tracing): Record transaction name source when name set directly (#5396)
  • ref(tracing): Add transaction source to default router (#5386)
  • ref(tracing): Include transaction in DSC if transaction source is not an unparameterized URL (#5392)
  • feat(vue): Add transaction source to VueRouter instrumentation (#5381)

Work in this release contributed by @moishinetzer. Thank you for your contribution!

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