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14 months ago

Important Changes

  • feat(sveltekit): Auto-wrap load functions with proxy module (#7994)

@sentry/sveltekit now auto-wraps load functions in

  • +(page|layout).(ts|js) files (universal loads)
  • +(page|layout).server.(ts|js) files (server-only loads)

This means that you don't have to manually add the wrapLoadWithSentry and wrapServerLoadWithSentry functions around your load functions. The SDK will not interfere with already wrapped load functions.

For more details, take a look at the Readme

  • chore(angular): Upgrade peerDependencies to Angular 16 (#8035)

We now officially support Angular 16 in @sentry/angular-ivy.
Note that @sentry/angular does not support Angular 16.

  • feat(node): Add ability to send cron monitor check ins (#8039)

This release adds Sentry cron monitoring support to the Node SDK.

To monitor your cron jobs, send check-ins everytime you execute your cron jobs to Sentry. You can do this with the captureCheckIn method exported from the SDK. First you must send an in_progress, checkin, then you can send one with status ok or error based on what happened with your cron job.

const Sentry = require('@sentry/node');

// ...

  // make sure this is the same slug as what you set up your
  // Sentry cron monitor with.
  monitorSlug: 'dailyEmail',
  status: 'in_progress',

const startTime = timeInSeconds();


  monitorSlug: 'dailyEmail',
  status: 'ok',
  duration: timeInSeconds() - startTime,

Additional Features and Fixes

  • feat(browser): Export makeMultiplexedTransport from browser SDK (#8012)
  • feat(node): Add http.method to node http spans (#7991)
  • feat(tracing): add body size for fetch requests (#7935)
  • feat(tracing): Use http.method for span data (#7990)
  • fix(integrations): Handle windows paths with no prefix or backslash prefix in RewriteFrames (#7995)
  • fix(node): Mark stack frames with url protocol as in-app frames (#8008)
  • fix(remix): Export Integration type declaration as union type (#8016)
  • fix(replay): Do not add replay_id to DSC while buffering (#8020)
  • fix(tracing): Don't set method multiple times (#8014)
  • fix(utils): Normalize undefined to undefined instead of "[undefined]" (#8017)

Work in this release contributed by @srubin and @arjenbrandenburgh. Thank you for your contributions!

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