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14 months ago

Important Changes

  • doc(sveltekit): Promote the SDK to beta state (#7976)
    • feat(sveltekit): Convert sentryHandle to a factory function (#7975)

With this release, the Sveltekit SDK (@sentry/sveltekit) is promoted to Beta.
This means that we do not expect any more breaking changes.

The final breaking change is that sentryHandle is now a function.
So in order to update to 7.50.0, you have to update your hooks.server.js file:

// hooks.server.js

// Old:
export const handle = sentryHandle;
// New:
export const handle = sentryHandle();
  • feat(replay): Allow to configure URLs to capture network bodies/headers (#7953)

You can now capture request/response bodies & headers of network requests in Replay.
You have to define an allowlist of URLs you want to capture additional information for:

new Replay({
  networkDetailAllowUrls: [''],

By default, we will capture request/response bodies, as well as the request/response headers content-type, content-length and accept.
You can configure this with some additional configuration:

new Replay({
  networkDetailAllowUrls: [''],
  // opt-out of capturing bodies
  networkCaptureBodies: false,
  // These headers are captured _in addition to_ the default headers
  networkRequestHeaders: ['X-Custom-Header'],
  networkResponseHeaders: ['X-Custom-Header', 'X-Custom-Header-2']

Note that bodies will be truncated to a max length of ~150k characters.

- feat(replay): Changes of sampling behavior & public API

  • feat(replay): Change the behavior of error-based sampling (#7768)
  • feat(replay): Change flush() API to record current event buffer (#7743)
  • feat(replay): Change stop() to flush and remove current session (#7741)

We have changed the behavior of error-based sampling, as well as adding & adjusting APIs a bit to be more aligned with expectations.
See Sampling for details.

We've also revamped some public APIs in order to be better aligned with expectations. See Stoping & Starting Replays manually for details.

  • feat(core): Add multiplexed transport (#7926)

We added a new transport to support multiplexing.
With this, you can configure Sentry to send events to different DSNs, depending on a logic of your choosing:

import { makeMultiplexedTransport } from '@sentry/core';
import { init, captureException, makeFetchTransport } from '@sentry/browser';

function dsnFromFeature({ getEvent }) {
  const event = getEvent();
  switch(event?.tags?.feature) {
    case 'cart':
      return ['__CART_DSN__'];
    case 'gallery':
      return ['__GALLERY_DSN__'];
  return []

  dsn: '__FALLBACK_DSN__',
  transport: makeMultiplexedTransport(makeFetchTransport, dsnFromFeature)

Additional Features and Fixes

  • feat(nextjs): Add disableLogger option that automatically tree shakes logger statements (#7908)
  • feat(node): Make Undici a default integration. (#7967)
  • feat(replay): Extend session idle time until expire to 15min (#7955)
  • feat(tracing): Add db.system span data to DB spans (#7952)
  • fix(core): Avoid crash when Function.prototype is frozen (#7899)
  • fix(nextjs): Fix inject logic for Next.js 13.3.1 canary (#7921)
  • fix(replay): Ensure console breadcrumb args are truncated (#7917)
  • fix(replay): Ensure we do not set replayId on dsc if replay is disabled (#7939)
  • fix(replay): Ensure we still truncate large bodies if they are failed JSON (#7923)
  • fix(utils): default normalize() to a max. of 100 levels deep instead of Inifnity (#7957)

Work in this release contributed by @Jack-Works. Thank you for your contribution!

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