npm @sentry/tracing 7.3.0

latest releases: 7.100.1, 7.100.0, 7.99.0...
2 years ago
  • feat(nextjs): Add exception handler for _error.js (#5259)
  • feat(tracing): Add additional Dynamic Sampling Context items to baggage and envelope headers (#5292)
  • fix(node): Allow ParseRequestOptions to be passed to request handler (#5287)
  • fix(tracing): Baggage parsing fails when input is not of type string (#5276)
  • fix(tracing): Report the right units for CLS and TTFB (#5303)
  • fix(vue): Property access on undefined in errorHandler (#5279)
  • ref(node): Move stack parser to utils so it can be used from Electron (#5286)
  • ref(tracing): Move getBaggage() from Span to Transaction class (#5299)
  • ref(tracing): Unify DSC key names in envelope and baggage headers (#5302)

Work in this release contributed by @Arinono. Thank you for your contribution!

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