npm @sentry/tracing 7.17.0

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21 months ago

This release standardizes our SDKs to use the MIT License, which is our standard license for Sentry SDKs. We were previously using the BSD 3-Clause License in @sentry/browser,@sentry/core, @sentry/gatsby, @sentry/hub, @sentry/integrations, @sentry/node, @sentry/react, @sentry/types, @sentry/typescript, and @sentry/utils.

This release also updates the behaviour of tracingOrigins to no longer affect span creation. tracingOrigins will only affect if sentry-trace and baggage headers are attached to outgoing requests. To control span creation, use the shouldCreateSpanForRequest option.

  • chore: Standardize SDKs on MIT License (#5993)
  • feat(nextjs): Add Next 13 to peer dependencies and integration tests (#6042)
  • feat(remix): Enable RequestData integration for server-side requests (#6007)
  • feat(tracing): Update to Web Vitals v3 (#5987)
  • feat(tracing): Allow for spanId to be passed into startChild (#6028)
  • fix(browser): Handle case where fetch can be undefined (#5973)
  • fix(build): Prevent Rollup from adding [Symbol.toStringTag]: 'Module' to CJS files (#6043)
  • fix(nextjs): Match loader files exactly (#6013)
  • fix(react): Update types to match react router 6.4 updates (#5992)
  • fix(tracing): Align missing express span operation names (#6036)
  • fix(tracing): Don't consider tracingOrigins when creating spans (#6039)
  • fix(utils): Remove WINDOW from utils (#6024)
  • fix(vue): Fix vue3 render warning loop (#6014)
  • fix(vue): Don't overwrite custom transaction names of pageload transactions (#6060)
  • ref(node): Make RequestData integration default (#5980)
  • ref(node): Use RequestData integration in express handlers (#5990)
  • ref(serverless): Use RequestData integration in GCP wrapper (#5991)

Work in this release contributed by @philipatkinson, @Rockergmail, @ys-zhifu, and @koenpunt. Thank you for your contributions!

Special shoutout to @Tofandel who helped fix a bug in Jest that was affecting the Sentry JavaScript SDKs!

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