npm @sentry/tracing 6.3.0

latest releases: 7.100.1, 7.100.0, 7.99.0...
3 years ago
  • [browser] feat: Parse safari-extension and safari-web-extension errors (#3374)
  • [browser] fix: Provide better descriptions for the performance navigation timing spans (#3245)
  • [browser] test: Replace Authorization with Accept header (#3400)
  • [ci] ci: Add CodeQL scanning
  • [core] Drop session if release is not a string or is missing and log (#3396)
  • [docs] Document how to publish a new release (#3361)
  • [gatsby] fix: Specify gatsby peer dep (#3385)
  • [gatsby] chore(docs): Update @sentry/gatsby README (#3384)
  • [integrations] feat(integrations): add prefix support for RewriteFrames (#3416)
  • [integrations] ref: Use esm imports with localforage and add esModuleInterop (#3403)
  • [nextjs] feat: Next.js SDK + Plugin (#3301)
  • [node] fix: Generate a Sentry Release string from env if its not provided (#3393)
  • [tracing] fix: Replace performance.timeOrigin in favour of browserPerformanceTimeOrigin (#3397)
  • [tracing] fix: Mark span as failed when fetch API call fails (#3351)
  • [utils] fix: Use the more reliable timeOrigin (#3398)
  • [utils] fix: Wrap oldOnPopState.apply call in try/catch to prevent Firefox from crashing (#3377)

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