npm @sentry/tracing 6.19.0

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2 years ago

This release makes a change to the data normalization process, limiting the number of entries or properties which will be included in any given array or object to 1000. Previously there was no limit, so in rare cases you may notice a change in your context data. If this is a problem, you can increase the limit with the new maxNormalizationBreadth setting. See #4689 for details.

feat(build): Create debug versions of minified bundles (#4699)
feat(integrations): Make ES6 integration bundles (#4718)
feat(utils): Limit normalize maximum properties/elements (#4689)
feat(various): Apply debug guard to logger everywhere (#4698)
fix(browser): Use apply rather than call in try-catch integration (#4695)
fix(ember): Fix merging env config (#4714)
fix(nextjs): Add env var to suppress API non-response meta-warning (#4706)
fix(nextjs): Widen scope for client file upload (#4705)
fix(node): Fix async stack parsing (#4721)
ref(browser): Use ratelimit utils in base transport (#4686)
ref(build): Introduce root build directory in @sentry/browser (#4688)
ref(minimal): Simplify syntheticException creation (#4691)
ref(tracing): Remove BrowserTracing logging flag default value (#4708)
ref(utils): Simplify isDebugBuild logging guard (#4696)

Work in this release contributed by @Turbo87. Thank you for your contribution!

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