npm @sentry/tracing 6.0.0

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3 years ago

This major version release doesn't contain any breaking API/code changes.
Starting from the version 6.0.0, all SDKs that support sending sessions data will do so by default. See our Release Health docs to learn more.
As of this version, it applies to all Browser SDKs (Browser, React, Angular, Vue, Gatsby etc.). Node.js and other related Server SDKs will follow soon after, in the minor 6.x release.
You can opt-out of this behavior by setting autoSessionTracking: false option during SDK initialization.

  • [wasm] feat: Introduce a @sentry/wasm package (#3080)
  • [tracing] feat: Turn Sessions Tracking on by default (#3099)
  • [tracing] feat: Create session on history change (#3179)
  • [core] feat: Attach SDK metadata to options and pass it to the API and transports (#3177)
  • [build] feat: AWS Lambda layer target config for Craft (#3175)
  • [tracing] fix: Make sure that mongo method is thenable before calling it (#3173)

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