npm @sentry/tracing 5.24.0

latest releases: 7.100.1, 7.100.0, 7.99.0...
3 years ago
  • [angular] fix: Make sure that message exist before returning it in angular error handler (#2903)
  • [integrations] feat: Add referrer to data collected by UserAgent integration (#2912)
  • [core] fix: Make sure that body is not exposed in the breadcrumb by default (#2911)
  • [core] feat: Give access to XHR requests body in breadcrumb hint (#2904)
  • [core] fix: Add a wrapper around performance for React Native (#2915)
  • [integrations] fix: Make Vue tracing options optional (#2897)
  • [integrations] ref: Remove unnecessary eventID check in offline integration (#2890)
  • [tracing] feat: Add hook for trace sampling function to SDK options (#2820)

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