npm @sentry/tracing 5.20.0

latest releases: 7.100.1, 7.100.0, 7.99.0...
4 years ago
  • [browser] feat: Make @sentry/browser more treeshakeable (#2747)
  • [browser] fix: Make sure that handler exists in LinkedErrors integration (#2742)
  • [tracing] feat: Introduce @sentry/tracing (#2719)
  • [tracing] ref: Use idleTimout if no activities occur in idle transaction (#2752)
  • [react] feat: Export createReduxEnhancer to log redux actions as breadcrumbs, and attach state as an extra. (#2717)
  • [react] feat: Add beforeCapture option to ErrorBoundary (#2753)
  • [react] fix: Change import of hoist-non-react-statics (#2755)
  • [gatsby] fix: Make @sentry/apm optional in @sentry/gatsby package (#2752)

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